The scientific method has led to some of the most significant technological innovations in the history of mankind, and companies that embrace science often have a significant competitive advantage. It’s crucial to recognize that science isn’t just about innovation. It’s about understanding the world around us, and the way people use products or services.

Scientists are typically absorbed in their work and focused on expanding knowledge. Entrepreneurs are the ones who can transform this knowledge into something that benefits society. This requires a different set of capabilities, such as scepticism, and a more material focus. While science is often driven by curiosity intuition and previous knowledge, scepticism, and techniques such as external and internal peer reviews, randomized controlled trials, and similar are vital to stop blind optimism.

It’s not just about profit. It’s about making choices that benefit employees, customers, and shareholders over the long-term. The challenge is to develop an organizational framework that can accommodate both of these aspects, and acknowledges their interdependence.

A degree in Interdisciplinary Science and Business offers a unique chance to develop an approach to integrating the two areas of expertise to prepare you for a successful career in any field that is business-related. The interdisciplinary program is offered jointly by Penn State Behrend School of Science and the Black School of Business. It is among the few business-science programs available to students in the nation. The degree lets you customize your plans by choosing a specialized block of courses that align with your interests from either the scientific or business aspect of the equation.

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