A company management system is a reliable method to record, analyse and improve every job you carry out and your business process. It’s more than recording best practices It’s about creating a coherent structure that facilitates the growth of your business and helps employees work together effectively. It’s possible to have individuals marching to their own drum without a system for managing. This can result in inefficiencies, friction and ultimately an uncoordinated customer experience.

A Company Management System maps out the methods you use to do things and gives your staff a reference point to ensure that the processes are adhered to consistently. It could take the form of long documents or efficient flow diagrams, and it can be as simple as an intranet page or as complex as a full-blown software application. A great BMS, however you choose to implement one, will help new employees comprehend how your company operates more quickly. It also allows staff members who are already in the company to comprehend and optimize processes to ensure greater quality.

A company management system can be used for a variety of management standards. This includes food safety, business continuity, and information security. The standards themselves are arranged in a similar manner, and often cross-overs of terms, making it easier for people who are familiar with environmental issues affecting your company one management system to learn a new one.

SPAN offers a variety of tools, templates and software solutions to create and maintain the management system of your company. We can help you at every stage of your management system journey, from the creation of an approach to creating a framework, auditing, training, and implementing continuous improvements.

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