The engineering process is a sequence of steps used by engineers to design functional products and processes. It is an iterative process which can be used to develop prototypes or improve existing solutions. It’s also a great method to enhance problem solving skills and to develop a mentality of “design within constraints”. The engineering design process is very similar to the scientific method, however engineers utilize creativity and design.

Identify the Problem

The first step is to identify the requirements needed to run a successful project. This requires a lot brainstorming, and the engineer must often take into consideration limitations (e.g. When generating solutions, engineers should consider constraints (e.g. time materials, time, and tools). This process requires an engineer to analyze all possible solutions, identifying weaknesses and strengths, and selecting the best solution for achieving the objective of the project.

Create Ideas

Engineers may choose to use different approaches to solve problems that range from brainstorming and discussion to CAD modeling in 2D and animation. Visualizing and comparing the resulting solutions to the problem specifications can help determine the best solution.

After the final solution has been determined, it’s time to design the prototype. It could be as simple as a sketch on paper, or as intricate as a model that is constructed using the CAD software. Regardless, this step allows engineers to test the finished product and see whether it is able to meet the intended goals.

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