It is essential that board members log on early and get acquainted with the software audio and video prior to the meeting starts. The presence of a support staff to answer any technical queries before and during the call is also beneficial. This is especially helpful in the case of members of your board who are new to remote working and aren’t familiar with the software or tools used in a virtual meeting.

It’s important that you establish some “housekeeping” guidelines for meetings that are virtual. For example, make sure that participants speak one at a moment and mute themselves when not talking to reduce background noises. Also, think about scheduling the meeting outside of typical meal times to avoid participants from eating on camera or having to interrupt the call to eat their food.

During the meeting Board members should be encouraged to express their thoughts and opinions in order to increase the collaboration and involvement. Use an icebreaker during the meeting to help them become acquainted. You can find plenty of great resources for these online by searching for “virtual meeting ice breakers.”

Last but not least, ensure that you record clear and concise minutes of the meeting that contain all relevant information. This will ensure that everyone is aware of what was discussed, agreed on or decided during the meeting and is able to take decisions based on that. To make this process easier utilize an online board portal that has easy-to-use recording and meeting management tools.

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