As the work environment changes in the coming years, it’s becoming more important than ever for workers to find rewarding jobs that promote their well-being and health. If you’re a student trying to choose a subject or you’re a working adult looking to change careers in the middle of your life, having the appropriate resources and support can assist.

Many people struggle to determine their talents and interests, let alone how to best use them in a career or job that’s best for them. The lack of accessible, professional guidance and support causes high levels of stress, anxiety, depression and burnout, as well as other mental health issues among workers.

It is therefore important that career counselors offer individuals effective career strategies that aid them in their career path. These strategies will help individuals to overcome the obstacles they face, formulate an enlightened vision of their future, and achieve their goals.

One of the most important aspects of this is to ensure that the career guidance services they deliver are based on market information and help individuals develop their ability to effectively search analyses, evaluate, and assess the available opportunities for learning and work for making informed career decisions. This can be done by using validated motivational and goal-achieving tools that are based upon scientific research. It can also be achieved through partnerships with a range of stakeholders, such as career services, education providers or public employment services or ‘one-stop-shops’. Additionally, it can be achieved through the development of effective career management policies and procedures.

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