Technology in the boardroom is a crucial component of the efficiency, collaboration, and productivity of a room. If you’re this link trying to upgrade your existing equipment for your conference room, or beginning from scratch, it’s important to have the right tools and techniques that will benefit your business for a long time to come.

The meeting room’s hardware and software require reliable and consistent connectivity to function effectively. A unified communication platform based on 5G will allow your team to enjoy stable HD calls video conferences, calls and even messaging from remote locations.

When your meeting takes place in person or online the use of a digital whiteboard will enable everyone to contribute equally and participate fully. These purpose-built board solutions also provide note-taking tools that make it easy for anyone to highlight or comment on the board’s materials, in real time or before the board meeting. Board engagement analytics give valuable insight into which sections of board documents are read and marked the most frequently, providing valuable feedback to leadership teams.

Your meeting space should be compatible with various devices and platforms, including UCaaS rooms web conferences, telephony, video conferencing, and huddle spaces. This will help reduce support requests and ensure that your team enjoys an enjoyable experience. Installing a call or application launcher will provide a seamless and unifying experience for the team.

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