Nonprofit Board members are crucial to the success of any nonprofit organization. The board is responsible for ensuring that the organization’s mission is accomplished in a legally and ethical way. To accomplish that task, it is essential to choose people with a variety of expertise and experience. It is ideal that the board has a variety of backgrounds and years of experience. This will help to ensure that the board has the capacity to address all aspects of governance.

Finding board members can be a daunting task particularly for nonprofits that are new which don’t have a huge network of supporters or donors. There are a variety of ways to locate potential candidates. Asking current board members for names of those who might be interested is one way to locate potential candidates. Another way is to determine whether there are any civic or business organizations that run workshops on the formation of nonprofit boards. These classes are a fantastic source of information for those looking to be volunteers or board directors.

The Governance Committee should contact the candidates on its list once it has completed the process. It is essential to make the requirements and expectations for board membership clear to prospective applicants so that they are able to decide if this is something that they want to pursue. The committee overseeing the selection process should also develop a simplified procedure for interviewing and selecting board members. It is also helpful to have examples of nonprofit board member job descriptions available for guidance as the committee makes its choices.

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