The safe exchange of information is a key element in many business operations. It can occur inside a company, or externally with customers, partners, sellers or with regulatory organizations. Whatever the scenario, it is always risk of data theft important to ensure that all information is securely transferred and encrypted from end-to-end.

In the past, businesses used separate security tools to guard sensitive communications and data. This type of approach typically results in frustration for employees and slows down efficiency as it takes time to navigate several security layers to obtain the information they need.

If you utilize an integrated platform that allows secure document and file transfer employees can work on projects in a manner that is both efficient and secure. Secure information exchange is a viable alternative to messaging and email services. It employs distribution protocols that do not require user credentials. All messages and documents are sent by a person’s location identity, which means that no information about their location or activities is divulged.

Secure exchange of data in healthcare can improve the quality of care for patients while reducing costs. It is a central repository of medical records, allowing physicians to quickly access the data they need in order to provide optimal care to patients. By using secure electronic health information exchange (HIE) can also eliminate the requirement for patients to fill the medical history forms each time they visit a new healthcare provider.

Secure Exchanges is a unified digital vault that permits the secure transfer of sensitive files and documents to and from customers and other parties. It is easy to implement, flexible to the requirements of your business, and provides an unique and innovative set of privacy and safety features.

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