Board Meeting Information

Certain boards have a specific agenda structure they follow just because it’s the way they’ve always done. This could be a time-waster. While the format of board meetings isn’t a sacred cow, there are some key factors to consider in order to ensure productive discussions.

Making sure you have the right information front of your board members in advance is essential for a successful meeting. Typically, this means sending an elaborate board agenda well ahead of time so that your board can become familiar with the subjects for discussion. This allows them to arrive at the meeting with the right mindset to engage in thoughtful discussion instead of rushing to catch up as the report is presented.

It’s also a great opportunity to distribute bios of board members as well as other pertinent documents, such as organizational policies, bylaws and annual budgets ahead of time. This will allow your board members to be ready to discuss these topics and will also help save time during the meeting because your attendees won’t have to spend time reading through the documents that can be discussed during other items on the agenda.

It is crucial to ensure that the agenda items are taken care of during the meeting. Tangential discussions can take up an excessive amount of time during a meeting and if a subject is not addressed it can cause lasting damage to the business. The board must also approve a draft of the minutes. This is important to ensure that there’s no misrepresentation of the actual meeting as it’s being recorded particularly if it’s an original draft by someone who was a participant in the meeting.

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