Virtual Board Meetings are an efficient way to maintain an open communication channel and make time-sensitive decisions during the pandemic. These meetings provide the same advantages of in-person meetings without the hassle of organizing and traveling. They also allow non-profit organizations to expand their participants pool by removing geographical barriers, and making it easier for those with accessibility issues to participate.

With the most effective tools using the most effective tools, your team will be able to take control of the meeting, keep the discussion focused and make quicker decisions. This will allow your organization to remain in the right direction during the pandemic and continue to deliver on its mission when the world is back to normal.

To enhance the effectiveness of your virtual meetings, it’s important to plan ahead with an agenda and supporting documents. This will ensure that all subjects are covered and that the meeting runs on time. It is also crucial to test your audio and video equipment before the meeting begins and to adhere to the proper manner of conducting calls. To avoid distracting background sounds make sure that you turn off the microphone when you’re not talking. You can also raise your hand to ask a question, leave comments or send an email message.

As more and more business transactions are conducted online it is essential to implement best practices for virtual meetings to remain efficient and effective. By following the suggestions below you can ensure that your board meetings run smoothly and efficiently.

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