Board portal providers offer a variety of tools designed to streamline the three phases of the meeting process–pre-meeting, during the meeting, and post-meeting. The right board portal can save you time, increase efficiency, and boost governance practices.

Evaluating the level of support offered by a vendor is an important factor to consider prior to deciding on board software. Search for a company offering 24/7/365 support including training materials, as well as technical assistance. Being able to access these resources will greatly assist in the successful implementation and continual use of a portal for boards.

Choose a board portal that allows you to work offline and provides mobile access, even when traveling or in power outages. This feature will allow administrators and directors to login using the system regardless of where they are or what device they use, allowing them to maximise their productivity.

Make sure that the portal you choose to use is a secure and encrypted platform. This will help protect visit the site confidential information and prevent unauthorised access. Check if your software includes a feature for permanent purging, which will delete all notes, annotations, and comments that are no longer needed and reduce security risks.

Board management software should allow for the easy uploading and sharing of agendas, board documents as well as other important material for meetings. They should provide the possibility of a “single truth” for the board’s documents, eliminating the necessity of sending them back and forth via email threads that could expose sensitive information. They should also offer digital signatures in order to speed up the process of approval for documents and improve security.

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