Online Meetings and Software

There are many reasons to use online meeting tools, particularly when it comes to remote collaboration with colleagues. Video conferencing software makes it possible for a strong connection to coworkers regardless of distance or time zone. Online meetings also save money by removing the expense of traveling to and from physical conference venues.

With online meeting software, it’s simple to keep the discussion focused and lively. Meeting tools like interactive whiteboards can enable real-time collaborative working with drawings, text and images. The ability to allow attendees to edit Google Docs during a virtual conference promotes collaboration, and keeps the conversation flowing. Furthermore there are many online meeting platforms that allow you to change presenters so that everyone gets the opportunity to speak and share ideas with the team.

Online meetings are only one part of the technological revolution that has taken place in the field of communication. Virtual meetings give you an extent of freedom from geography previously impossible to imagine. This lets workers choose the location they prefer to live in and allows access to a greater pool of talent, including those who might be unable to benefit from traditional working hours due to family obligations or disabilities.

When choosing a virtual meeting solution, choose a platform with an intuitive interface that is easy to comprehend for non-technical or novice users. Ensure that your meeting platform provides quick joining features that make it simple for anyone to join in less than two clicks. A feature that is powerful in screen sharing that lets attendees edit presentations and documents in real-time is another essential feature. The ability to highlight and annotate screen content is essential as well as the ability to record live meetings, which include all onscreen annotations, edits and media files.

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