The board meetings are essential to the success of any business. They require a lot of work and commitment from both the leadership team as well as the board members. But how do you conduct an effective board meeting that is efficient and effective? The answer lies in thorough planning an organized agenda for the meeting as well as the early distribution of material with a smart schedule, the right locations and easy access to required materials.

Start the meeting by giving an outline of the agenda and an inviting welcome to all participants, particularly new members or special guests. Set the tone for the meeting by explaining the significance of the board’s meeting and the way in which the board will make its decisions. It’s also important to discuss quorum requirements, as specified in your governing documents and ensure that all members are present to legally conduct business.

Talk about the most important agenda items first. This will ensure that you allow enough time for them to be discussed and considered. This will allow you to have the most engaging and lively conversations. Also, you will be able to stick to your meeting schedule.

Discuss the process you’ll decide upon during the meeting. This will ensure that all board members are aware and can agree on the process of decision-making which is essential to effective decision-making.

Be sure to allow the board plenty of time to bring up the unresolved issues that are called “new business.” These are typically discussions with the aim of settling a decision. If you decide that additional research is required or that an official decision is not made at the meeting, it is advisable to include it on the agenda. These items can be discussed in future meetings or in follow-up discussions.

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