The board is accountable for making high-level decisions, not an executive. The board is accountable for selecting and, if necessary replacing a company’s chief executive officer, and for fulfilling the fiduciary obligations of the company to its shareholders and other stakeholders.

Therefore, a well-performing and engaging board is one that treats staff as colleagues, not subordinates. The most considerate and respectful board members are also open to the opinions of staff members and treat them with respect and respect, even if the board member disagrees with the employee’s opinion. Board members are expected to take action on issues that affect the goals of the organization, regardless of size.

The the board of directors precise minutes of meetings are vital to effective board governance. These minutes can help members who aren’t present comprehend what took place at the meeting, and can help clarify any metrics or strategies that are required to be monitored. Boards who are able to make concise, clear minutes are better able to handle legal issues.

To learn more about the process of creating effective minutes for board meetings read this blog post from SSIR. The blog is a great source for anyone interested in governance of boards with a particular emphasis on boards for non-profit organizations.

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