Virtual board and remote work meetings are expected to be around for the long run, as the pandemic forces businesses to change their working practices. Digital meetings can be adapted to the needs of attendees, allowing them to take part in the meeting without worrying about quarantine times or travel restrictions. They also help reduce the costs for flights and hotels.

Online meetings are easy to create and are becoming more common among mission-driven organizations who wish to ensure that their communications remain open despite the COVID-19 crisis. It’s important to know the pitfalls of digital meetings to avoid them and make your online board meetings most effective.

The platform you use to host your virtual or hybrid meetings is of paramount importance. Choose a platform that has an Attendance Room feature that shields your meeting from non-authorized participants and only allows those who have been invited by the host or co-host. You should then provide training for your board members to help them get comfortable with the technology and understand how to use it correctly.

Encourage your board members to use a headset or a speakerphone during the meeting, and to tidy their office space so that it appears camera-ready, free from personal photos and other distracting items. Remind them to sit on a chair, not on their bed or couch. This will make them appear more professional and presentable throughout the meeting. Encourage them to speak up at the beginning of the meeting so that everyone can hear and the meeting starts on positive note.

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