Salient official site how much does it cost to build a website is a stunning theme that has a style that will grab the attention of your visitors. It includes all the beautiful features you need to create an online presence that will stop your visitors in their tracks.

The theme includes a variety of page designs that let you create any kind of site you can imagine starting from a simple one-page website to a complex portfolio site or e-commerce website. Salient lets you create a blog, with several different styles available, including material masonry and auto masonry. In addition, the theme has three distinct single-post header layouts that you can choose from to customize your site’s appearance.

Salient’s built-in love system is a excellent feature. It lets you keep track of which posts or projects the site’s visitors enjoy the most. This will keep your site’s visitors engaged by displaying your most popular content.

Salient is a user-friendly theme, regardless of how you’ve worked with WordPress. The theme is easy to use and comes with plenty of support to help you solve any problems.

The theme settings panel also offers a complete list. In this panel, you can set general settings, such as selecting the theme, uploading a logo, setting the back to top button, and much more. You can also access the Typography setting that lets you turn on Google fonts and set a variety of options for text size as well as line height and spacing. You can also utilize the custom CSS box for global style changes without having to modify core files. This will ensure that your preferences are kept up-to-date through themes updates.

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