The tech industry continues to expand and is affecting more of our day to day lives. It’s not a surprise that people want to stay abreast with the latest trends. There are plenty of resources that can keep you up on the most recent and innovative.

Mashable provides a wide array of tech news, from automobiles, gadgets and science to culture and culture. They also provide a range of different ways to engage with the content, such as engaging with articles in comment sections and signing up for newsletters that cover the topics you’re interested.

Wired is another fantastic resource, offering long form articles that dig into the details of how technology is transforming our world. They also have an membership program that gives you exclusive perks like no ads and access to events.

Gigaom is a different option, describing them as “your company partner in emerging technology research.” Their content is smart and credible and bridges the gap between consultancy, academe and journalism. You should check out their web series, which include The Food Fight and Women with Byte.

CNBC is an unexpected choice, but their tech section is actually pretty useful. They feature the most important tech stories of the day and offer diverse categories to look into, such as social media and cybersecurity.

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