Business documents contain any information or evidence related to an activity, transaction, or operation. They are crucial to proving the legitimacy of your company when dealing with investors and customers as well as other stakeholders.

It is crucial to maintain thorough documentation for every business regardless of size. Aside from proving your business’s reliability, current documentation can also lead to lucrative opportunities for collaboration and expansion.

Documentation comes in many forms, including contracts, agreements and even policies. They can be designed for external audiences such as clients and customers as well as internal ones like employees. Contracts and agreements, for instance are more formal, and utilize technical jargon that is targeted at prospective clients and partners. In addition, policies of the company are intended to guide decision-making and establish a code of behavior in the workplace.

As a business expands its operations and regulations will naturally expand too. It is important to keep track of the state of your company and make needed changes. You can do this by examining your company’s documents regularly, using a program like Bit.

Bit lets you create any document that your business requires and then organize it into a knowledgebase to provide quick reference. The intuitive tools make it simple to create and add business documents that will impress. Pick a template to alter it using icons, data widgets, images and more to ensure your document is captivating enough to encourage you to take action.

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