A virtual data room (VDR) is a secure digital storage space for sharing sensitive files. It provides individuals and businesses with a safe space to collaborate, while securing sensitive data from access by unauthorized persons. It allows for faster and more efficient document sharing due diligence and strategic reviews. VDRs are the basis of a myriad of outcomes, including M&A capital raises, tenders, audits, and many more.

During the due diligence process investment bankers need access to vital financial, legal, and operational documents. It is also essential for the buyers of the transaction to be able to access these documents to ensure the success of the transaction. Uploading and sharing these documents is simple with a virtual data room. Administrators can adjust the permission settings to limit which documents users are able to view print, download or view. Administrators can also set expiration dates and revoke access remotely to document disclosure.

The collaboration capabilities that come in the VDR can streamline the process and foster an efficient working relationship among team members. These features include real-time annotations, commenting, and the ability to control version. Many VDR providers also provide an all-in-one repository for all files. This removes the need for large attachments in emails, and allows you to locate specific versions of files.

VDRs are hosted on the Internet which makes them available worldwide. This permits investors to participate all over the world in a transaction and increase the competition for a business being sold. Additionally, a VDR can be used to keep documents and contracts required to maintain business relationships.

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