The best data room software provides a reliable secure platform for sharing and managing sensitive documents with multiple users. It comes with features that allow you to effectively manage documents as well as track activity and regulate access to users. You can also pick one that has a wide range of integrations that can be connected to your existing applications and workflow. Choose a provider that allows you to create user groups that are custom-designed with specific rights. You can then assign tasks to these users in the dataroom or send them emails to inform them of uploads and new documents.

A data management tool is crucial for managing the volumes of documentation large companies produce during due diligence. Search for a feature that automatically indexes documents and folders when they are moved or uploaded. It should have a simple interface, and automatic numbering for files and folders for users to navigate their data quickly and efficiently. Ideally, it will provide optical character recognition and filters that let you quickly narrow down search results and find the information you’re looking for.

Some of the top virtual data rooms have a built-in Q&A module, document approvals, versioning and various mobile apps. It is also recommended to look for an option that allows you to cut out text or entire sections of your document. Also, it allows you to apply a dynamic watermark that includes user name, date, IP address and time of downloading.

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