Small business marketing is a niche field that many established companies have a whole department dedicated to but this doesn’t mean smaller companies aren’t able to reach and keep a loyal customer base. Smaller businesses can create and maintain their brands using different strategies, including online marketing and traditional methods like billboards and printed ads.

Online marketing, which includes the creation of a website for your business and profiles on social media, is a crucial element of any marketing strategy for small businesses. A well-designed website provides customers with essential information about your company including your products and services location and hours of operation, prices and contact details. Furthermore, a small-scale business website can act as an online store which allows you to sell your products and services directly to consumers.

Small businesses can use traditional marketing strategies along with their online presence. These include distributing print ads to newspapers, coupon books, and participating in farmer’s markets and tradeshows. A popular way to increase brand recognition is to team with influencers. They are people with a large fan base on platforms such as Instagram or YouTube.

The need for a see here clear and efficient marketing strategy is crucial for any small business. Our research results show that the majority of small businesses are planning to boost their marketing efforts throughout the entire year. Email and Facebook were the two methods of marketing which yielded the highest ROI on investment. Paid digital advertising and content marketing completed the top 5. Direct mail, SMS marketing and Twitter, however had lower returns.

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