Allow your loved one to sleep whenever possible. During periods of high energy, sleeping is difficult but short naps taken throughout the day can help. Sometimes a person who is manic may feel rested after only a few hours of sleep. During manic episodes, your loved one may say or do things that are out of character, including focusing on negative aspects of others. Stress makes bipolar disorder worse, so try to find ways to reduce stress in your loved one’s life.


These emotions may result in frantic efforts to avoid abandonment, such as pleading, public scenes, and even physically preventing the other person from leaving. Another BPD symptom that particularly impacts relationships is a deep fear of abandonment. Psychosis is a serious mental disorder characterized by a disconnect from reality. We’ll explain the symptoms and causes as well as risk factors. But with access to so many support groups online or on your phone, it’s easy to get the additional support you need. It’s important to note that support groups are only proposed as a supplement to professional treatment and not a replacement.

Also, if you feel like you’re competing with your partner’s phone, ask for what you need. For example, request to eat dinner just the two of you, sans screens. Knowing this ahead of time can help the two of you prepare for the future. You may want to discuss a savings account or a backup plan, so you’re aligned when it comes to finances. It may be difficult for your partner to work at a job where they feel challenged, criticized, or rejected.

Enlist the help of a couple’s therapist

This past months I tried to taper my medications due to side effects of the medications and I felt I have a short temper which affects my relationship to my family. People with milder forms of bipolar disorder can correct that imbalance with lifestyle changes. A healthy diet, sleep, and reduction of stress can be enough to bring the person’s serotonin and dopamine levels into balance. Bipolar disorder is a disability that sometimes requires other people in the person’s life to take charge of their care.

Because bipolar disorder is a chemical imbalance, its management requires the correction of that chemical imbalance. EMDR therapy is an effective treatment option for people suffering from anxiety, panic, PTSD, or trauma. If you’ve noticed these issues, have talked with your partner about them and nothing changes, or they won’t get help for themselves, it doesn’t mean you should change your boundaries.

Angela reassures us that we’re living in a day and age where it is possible to live a healthy and fulfilling life with a mental illness. Normalizing the disease in society is the first step towards helping people with BP. As a patient, your perception of your illness defines your success in life and relationships. So… you’re eye is still caught on the person you care for, regardless of their bipolar disorder diagnosis. There are so many successful relationships and marriages where one of the partners has a form of bipolar.

Your partner stopping their treatments or medication could also be a cautionary sign for the future of the relationship. Also, as with any relationship, you should never feel that your partner is putting either you or themselves in danger. Suffering from bipolar disorder, it’s also a chance for you to know what to do in case things or emotions get out of hand.

What is Bipolar Disorder?

Marcia Purse is a mental health writer and bipolar disorder advocate who brings strong research skills and personal experiences to her writing. Bipolar disorder can affect a person’s ability to be intimate with their partner, work, pay bills, and take care of their family. These issues can strain a relationship and cause a lot of tension if not properly addressed. Couples counseling offers a safe space where you and your partner can lay out these challenges and receive advice from a licensed therapist that can help to improve the situation.

That doesn’t always mean that bipolar disorder is the cause of the marriage breakdown, but it does indicate that bipolar is a factor. Divorce rates in a bipolar marriage are sobering to read, but it’s important to remember that the statistics don’t apply to everyone. There are exceptions to the rule, and if you’re getting treatment for your illness and being open and honest with your spouse, your marriage has every chance of succeeding. Findtips to help prepare for and get the most out of your visit with your health care provider.

Educate yourself about bipolar disorder

Not everyone with bipolar disorder will get angry. That’s why asking what you can do to help is usually the best way to neutrally approach the situation. If you know someone with bipolar disorder, treat them as you would any other person—with patience and respect. II, is non-coincidentally the birthday of the famous artist Vincent Van Gogh, who was posthumously diagnosed with bipolar disorder. The holiday aims to reduce the stigma and misunderstanding surrounding bipolar disorder, and is symbolized by a black and white striped ribbon. For example, when I get full-blown manic, I stay up for days, hypersexuality takes over, my mind races, and I ultimately become psychotic.

To help your relationship succeed, focus on communication, support your partner’s treatment plan, and don’t forget to take care of yourself. These major shifts in mood can make communicating and socializing difficult. While the symptoms of bipolar disorder can be managed with medication and psychotherapy, they can still take a toll on relationships, perhaps especially romantic ones. The shifts a person with bipolar disorder experiences are more dramatic than one would usually encounter.

According to a 2014 research review, around 25 to 50 percent of people with bipolar disorder will attempt suicide at least one time. “A partner who is stigmatizing and very negative about mental health issues, which is unfortunately fairly common, may be a difficult partner to have,” said Dr. Saltz. Here are some things to consider if you’re thinking of ending a relationship with a partner who has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. “You should approach this in a mindful and respectful way,” she says. “Your partner’s bipolar disorder diagnosis is just a biologic condition and is just as much a part of who they are as the type of work they do or their likes and dislikes.” Patience – This is the most important trait to have if you want things to work out.

I was young and single at the time and my behavior was simply called wild and strange. Bipolar was not discussed openly over 20 years ago. We were together for 10 happy years before we decided we were more friends than partners and ended our romantic relationship.