Sondra Theodore claimed that Hefner would invite high-profile journalists to the mansion ‘on purpose’, so that he could record them doing something incriminating and use it as blackmail. This way, he could always control the public narrative by ensuring that nobody could say a bad word against him. She revealed their existence was part of what stopped her from leaving for so long. She was afraid of what Hefner might do if she ‘betrayed’ him by leaving the mansion. Later, Lisa Loving Barrett, Hefner’s executive assistant during the late 1970s and 80s, would confirm his use of quaaludes, which were described as ‘necessary evil’, because they made women do virtually anything once the effects had kicked in. Below, the most shocking revelations and allegations from the Secrets Of Playboy documentary.

With the plane crash, I didn’t go home with any pain medication. I couldn’t imagine putting another one of those pills in my body, but they had me on other prescriptions. At some point, I flushed all those down the toilet because I didn’t like what they were doing, even though the doctors kept insisting I needed to take them, in case I was suicidal, as I was at times Willow App bad gateway in the hospital. She covered the magazine a record 14 times, and has been married on five occasions, most controversially to Motley Crue rocker Tommy Lee, father of her two sons. “He had tapes on everybody,” Theodore said on Monday’s episode of A&E’s docuseries “Secrets of Playboy,” which takes a closer look at the men’s magazine and the life of its founder.

Hefner himself vaguely acknowledged as much in archival footage, telling Bryant Gumbel, “When you’re involved in the swing period, the orgy period of the ’70s, there was more than a little bisexuality.” Hefner let many of his friends stay at the Mansion for various periods of time over the years, but as Hef’s personal physician, Dr. Mark Saginor had an especially intimate dynamic with the mogul, according to Saginor’s daughter. Jennifer admitted she felt “devastating” guilt that she never offered any help or protection. PEOPLE has not independently verified the allegations reported in the episode, and A&E advises viewers, “The vast majority of allegations have not been the subject of criminal investigations or charges, and they do not constitute proof of guilt.” Hugh Hefner was most famous for his relationships with countless women, but according to some who were close to the Playboy founder, his most enduring relationship was with Dr. Mark Saginor.

She continues to model for big brand names around the world and advocate transgender rights. The Swedish model, actress, singer, and television personality is an all-around entertainment guru who caught the eye of Hugh Hefner in 1996. She wound up doing a photoshoot and being named the December 1996 Playmate of the Month.

Others commented on the nature of the magazine, sharing thoughts about how the latest digital cover choice seemingly veers from the publication’s intended purpose. The Hawaii-based Filipino influencer isn’t new to the spotlight after making a name for himself on YouTube and the short-form video app Vine, where Rock displayed both his humor and his skill with makeup. And while videos of him applying contour and trying out drag makeup came long before there were other men in makeup gaining notoriety online, Rock continues to break boundaries with his latest cover shoot.

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Men in Hefer’s inner circle would try to emulate what Hefner had created and would lure women who didn’t get picked for the magazine to parties, where they would promise them they’d meet with men who could get them modeling contracts. There, men would set up fake photo and video shoots to capture the women nude. One woman described it as “predatory movement,” a kind of underground system where they’d lure in the most vulnerable women. Multiple women in Playboy told stories of being drugged in the mansion and at Playboy parties. Hefner apparently had a drawer full of quaaludes in his bedroom that he had to chew because he never learned to swallow pills. One woman alleged that even his dog was addicted to cocaine.

In fact, he invited himself over Saturday to be with me and my adult kids (we were having a baby shower for my oldest daughter). He calls, I call, we are intimate, he has told his family about me, my family has met him once. We do things like go on walks and talk during the day etc.

We flip through that file whenever we’re trying to decide if we want to hang on to the relationship. Blame our married friends who took the plunge before us, but many single guys are hyperaware of what could go wrong down the road. Even if we’re crazy about you now, we panic that you’ll pack on the pounds, want sex only once a month and nag us day and night. So we secretly flag certain things we’re scared might be a harbinger of bad things to come. “I’ve seen it happen to too many of my friends,” says Elliot, 29.

The couple have settled in the Devon countryside and now have beautiful eight-month-old son called Ruben. A woman turned a Dreamboy into her dream man after a show by the stripping troupe in Plymouth. City girl Shannon Matthews, aged 23, was smitten with muscle-bound Jordan Darrell even before he slid towards her on his knees on stage at the Pavilions and gave her sexy lap dance. I had no idea Christian had any of that ill will toward Blink. I love him like a brother — we’re still close — but before I read that passage, I didn’t know he felt that way.

According to the docuseries, scandals in the mansion at Playboy clubs were routinely covered up by Playboy security and Bunny Mothers. James Ellis, a former Playboy bodyguard, says cleanup crews were allegedly threatened into silence for their work, which he claims ranged from covering up rapes to overdoses. Jennifer Saginor, daughter of Hefner’s best friend and alleged lover Marc Saginor, who was the doctor in the Playboy mansion (where Jennifer Saginor grew up), says she was pressured to get plastic surgery when she was 15 years old. Marc Saginor encouraged women to get breast augmentations, and told one woman that using crack cocaine would help her asthma. “The plastic surgery amongst the girlfriends in the mansion was compulsive, everybody was doing it with very few exceptions,” Madison said. Peyton Meyer’s sex tape was leaked on Twitter by an account called TikTokLeakRoom.

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So why do we invest any time in a relationship that we know will ultimately end? Because we’re able to live in the moment for a while and chalk it up to a good experience. But once you show that you’re way more into us than we are into you, we’ll dump you out of guilt. “I dated this girl for about a year, but as soon as she started using the L word, I had to end it,” recalls Jay, 29. “It was hard. I cared about her and didn’t want to hurt her. But I knew that if I stuck around, she’d have been happier at first but miserable later on. After all, she deserved to be with someone who loved her as much as she loved me.” Just because a guy likes you a lot isn’t a guarantee that it will evolve into love.

After the video leaked sometime in the afternoon on Tuesday, August 31, Internet users started to flood the comment section of Taela’s recent Instagram photo which she posted on the day of the Netflix movie’s release. It’s a beautiful mirror selfie and the duo look very happy while posing for it. “Was this before or after the sextape??” asked a follower sarcastically. There are many comments where people have been poking fun at Meyer for being very slow-paced in the video. Enright recently spoke out on A&E’s 10-part docuseries “Secrets of Playboy,” which examines the magazine empire and its founder Hugh Hefner. It features new interviews with numerous members of Hefner’s staff and inner circle, as well as ex-girlfriends and Playmates.

In the ’90s, following the success of celebrity playmates like Anna Nicole Smith and Pamela Anderson, many aspiring models came to Los Angeles to launch careers at the mansion. While a handful of women made the mainstream Playboy cut, Jennifer Saginor says those ones who didn’t were sent to “predatory” shadow mansions, mini–Playboy mansions operated by men in Hefner’s circle. According to Saginor, who says her father owned a mini-mansion, women at shadow mansion parties were drugged and photographed nude under the guise of modeling contracts and other fake opportunities. Saginor and Jackie Hatten, a former mini-mansion regular, both claim Hefner knew about mini-mansion abuses. Saginor says Hefner even attended her father’s parties. At one party, Saginor recalls finding a dead woman in the bathroom lying in a pool of blood and watching security take the body to the back of the house.