This early stage of a relationship is called the honeymoon phase or New Relationship Energy. When you are in a relationship, the honeymoon phase can be challenged if you go through a big life-changing situation together. Now, she feels that she is moving out of the honeymoon phase. “They’ve been dating for three months, so they are still in the honeymoon phase, but I actually think they have a good chance of being in it for the long haul”.

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At this point in your relationship, communication is key. As the honeymoon phase fades, your love for your partner deepens. You probably won’t like everything about your partner or agree with everything they say, but talking through things and respecting each other can keep your relationship happy and stable. “Everlasting love” may sound too idealistic in today’s society, but the Ancient Greeks believed in it. They called it “pragma.” To them, relationships beyond the honeymoon phase are about maintenance and communication. We’re going to tell you right now that all good things come to an end, especially the honeymoon phase.

In the early days of a romance, it’s easy to want to be around the other person basically 24/7, and often they will feel the same way about you. However, once things progress past the honeymoon phase, you’ll likely find you give each other more space. You may notice a dip in your sexual frequency post-honeymoon phase, says Chicago-based relationship and sex therapist Michelle Herzog, LMFT, CST, founder of The Center for Modern Relationships. “This is totally expected as the early moments of passion—i.e., ‘I can’t get my hands off you’—settles down,” Herzog says.

You’re entering the next phase of love

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It is when you are completely taken by your mate and are blind to his or her flaws. You were so sweet and in love with each other and somehow the passion still faded. The first six months of a relationship are wonderful.

There is a rebound relationship timeline when you are vulnerable to making irrational and hasty decisions.However, this is not the right mindset to get over your ex. In future stages, you could cling to the honeymoon phase for a long time. Plenty of relationships sour, and that’s normal, because the honeymoon stage can’t last forever. This might sound a little nerdy or weird, but you could write down the things you learn about them and be as honest as you can.

Green Flags You’re Becoming Your Best Self

By the way, do you want to know the name of the phase that comes after the honeymoon phase in a relationship? It is called the “Uncertainty phase.” Because at this point, you begin to doubt yourself and your partner. Later in this article, we will give you 5 tips on how to make your honeymoon period last longer.

In the 16th century, this term was first used to imply sweet new relationship feelings. The term ‘honeymoon’ is not restricted to talking about relationships or marriages. This term is often used to refer to romantic relationships.

This is when you go through the most passionate and swept up in your newfound love. Although the romantic relationships of teenagers tend to last the shortest of various age groups, they are gaining the experience that will help them have longer and longer partnerships. The inexperience and immaturity that time eventually remedies becomes the confidence and self-awareness that makes someone a great romantic partner at any age. Every person and every relationship is different, so it’s all about finding what works for you and making the most of that. Plan it togetherThis is the most important requirement for chalking out the itinerary of a second honeymoon. It is necessary to take into account each partner’s priorities and convenience.

There are flowers, candy and hundreds of emoji filled texts that are promptly read and responded to. You leave each other in the evening and video chat a few hours later. O’Neill’s advice for those of us who struggle with figuring out if our relationship could be the real deal is to simply stay in the moment, which of course is easier said than done. Since you both know each other better post-honeymoon phase, it’s hopefully a bit easier to be open about organizing practical matters and addressing sources of conflict. The nature and predictors of the trajectory of change in marital quality over the first 4 years of marriage for first-married husbands and wives. Sometimes, we’re too close to the situation to get out of our own way to see where we can make the changes.

You start to see you could grow and modification if you make the effort, and which you can also be strong in complex conditions. As people get older, their skills at being with another person improve. One of the biggest factors in assessing the potential for a lasting relationship is the couple’s level of maturity. Some of that is based on your age, and some is on the wisdom gained from experience.

You have a lot of it, want it, desire your partner in every way. Your partner is a new, mysterious book you can’t put your hands on (yet). But spending every Sunday morning in their bed feels like a bliss. Ideally, the transition ends with you discovering that you have compatibility in how you negotiate the incompatibilities. If you don’t get close to the ideal, negotiation is going to be a whole lot harder, perhaps not worth it, which leaves you one or even two feet out the door.

Once the initial stage of attraction fades, couples enter the stage of uncertainty or doubt. This is when individuals start questioning whether their partner is right for them or whether the relationship is heading in the right direction. Doubt and uncertainty can result in individuals pulling away, becoming distant, or feeling unsure about their feelings and the direction of the relationship. In the honeymoon phase all we want to do is spend time with our partners.